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and we're #running# out of here_____ [entries|friends|calendar]

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Friends Only [13 Nov 2003|08:54pm]

This journal is friends only. As youth of tommorow i deserve my privacy XD!

  • Commment once in awhile. im not an avid commenter..it makes me nervous to comment, i wont get mad if you dont comment, but dont get pissed if i dont comment on every entry.
  • Im an overall nice person, expect sometimes i will get pissy. bewaaaare XD
  • If you have anything against homosexuailty, men in makeup, and crossdressers i will not add you.
  • on that note, if youre racsit too i wont add you.
  • This is my journal, i write what i want.
  • oh, i curse too. So if youre virgin ears cant take that o.o um..dont add me?
  • ((44))and my skin she said it shakes

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